Modular 4 Valve Heads

Fox Lake 4 valve Modular heads :

92-98 B HEADS,99-02 C HEADS
’03-’04 Cobra -Mach 1 -Maurader 
Stage 3 now available!


[05-07 GT CNC PORTING 350-300CFM@.600 LIFT

Latest design of the 4 valve Modular head : WE ALSO OFFER CNC PORTING FOR GT-500 AND GT SUPERCAR HEADS.Are you ready to top off your 4.6 or 5.0 stroker with the ultimate in horsepower building airflow?

001Beautifully CNC ports and combustion chambers for port to port accuracy that’s awe inspiring. If you want to be the “King of the Street” and understand that cylinder heads are the key to making unbelievable power, this is what you want.

Flow #s @ .300″ .400″ .450″ .500″ .550″
Intake 241 293 303 315 324
Exhaust 219 249 257 264 270

*** All flow numbers with stock sized Ferrea valves, stock bore size @ 28″ H2o ***

We will Stage 3 CNC port your heads, install bronze guides, mill flat, clean and grind stock valves, reassemble with stock cams for $2,495.00

• Add for Ferrea SS valves $559
• Add PAC Racing springs and steel retainers $749.00 • Add oversized hardened seats- only needed for 1000+ hp $619.00 •
• Oversize valves available on request
• Oversize valves require oversize valve seats, COMP CAMS,OR CUSTOM BULLIT CAMS ADD 1275-1375.00

You must send your heads for us to port. We have no cores available at this time.