Top 10 Car Photos of 2017

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Here are my top 10 picks of my car photos for 2017, excluding those shot at C&O. I have a different post just for those shot at C&O. I looked at my shots in 2017, and didn’t really like most of them. They were just more of the same, plus I took a break this year from shooting anything really different or interesting, so overall, it was kind of a disappointing review. Luckily, I use this review to motivate me to improve.

I took about 4,000 car shots this year, mostly at C&O. In order to get this list, I scanned through thumbnails of photos from the events and I choose all of the thumbnails that caught my eye, and that made my top 10 list. Additionally, I added in the last 3 shots that were just different and I liked them.

Starting in December, I started looking for ways to change my post processing, and I started going through older shots that I hadn’t processed yet. I’ve re-edited 5 shots below.