Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Actions

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Update 12/5/2014: See below for the update.
Update 9/27/2014: See below for the update.

I kept hearing from professional wedding and portrait photographers that they liked the Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Actions, and that they were a great value, so I decided to look into them.

Greater Than Gatsby offers a sampling of their actions, so I signed up and downloaded them, and started trying them out on some of the photos that I considered to be already done and pretty decent. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. The free actions already improved the photos within seconds, and by combining their recipes, I could create finished photos much faster than I previously could. As I combined their actions with my previous processes, completed photos took less time and looked a lot better. More importantly, every single photo was improved, although sometimes not as dramatically as other times.


Update 12/5/2014: GTG had another flash sale at Black Friday on their FaceBook page again (second one ever that I know of), and offered a massive discount on anything in their store. With the rarity of these deals and the quality of the products, I could not pass up on it.

I got the Light and Clouds Overlays bundle, and I got the Three Nails Collection (Workflow and Retouching). I immediately used the Three Nails Collection to edit some wedding photos that I needed to put into an album, and I was highly impressed with the quality and speed that is available through actions. I highly recommend these actions. They are specialized for portraits and weddings, and tend to have a warmer yet darker look for me. I like that for a lit of situations.

The Light and Clouds Overlays seem to be ok. Not sure how much I will use them, but the price was cheap, so I felt that I shouldn’t pass up on them.

On Cyber Monday, there was a private sale flyer that I received that offered continued discounts. It wasn’t posted to FB, just to previous customers. I went ahead and grabbed the Radiance Collection at the time. I dabbled with it, but haven’t really dug into it yet. It is designed for bright and airy photos, and that is very popular at this time. It came with a nice package of actions. I plan to use this on sunny day photos to really make them pop.


Update 9/27/2014: GTG had a flash sale the other day on their FaceBook page for their Carving Tree collection, and I could not pass up on the deal.

The whole process was very simple and easy. They have a simple checkout process, and at the end, you get a download link to download your presets. It comes complete with instructions on how to install your presets into PhotoShop, and has a version of the action for the varies versions of PhotoShop. It takes just seconds to install, and you can instantly begin using them to edit.

The Carving Tree collection appears to have been designed with portrait editing in mind, but I found it works well with automotive photography as well. The collection has all of the effects organized into easy to understand groups, with instructions on how to use each group. Overall, it’s easy to understand, and quickly get the effect/style that you want for the photo. I highly recommend these actions, as these are the best PS actions that I have run across to date.

You can purchase their actions at, and their FB and G+ pages are: