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MIGS Foto+CGI is based out of Hong Kong, and does commercial automotive photography for exotic automotive manufacturers and luxury-focused magazine publications. The owner is Michael Lee, and recently he held a series of webinars focusing on commercial automotive photography for professional photographers. I was able to attend most of the webinars, and learned a lot of extremely useful information.

The quality of work that a high-level commercial photographer produces is in another league from what I produce. If you wish to take your automotive photography to the limit of what is currently possible, then this is what you have to aspire to learn.

Michael walked us through properly pricing a commercial automotive shoot, identifying and reserving a location, pre-production preparation, gear selection, virtual rigging, lighting, and post-production (Photoshop). Additionally, he did one webinar focused on image critique for participants. Overall, he presented approximately 17 hours of online training. For those that took the time to join, it was very revealing. Unfortunately, he does not currently have plans to release the recordings of the webinars.

My suggestion is that you follow MIGS Foto+CGI on FaceBook and keep an eye open for an future webinars that he announces. I was even willing to leave C&O early (twice) to make it to his webinars.



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Instagram: @migsfotocgi

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