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Andrew Thompson is better known to most photographers as “VisualEchos”, which is his screen name on several sites including Nikon CafĂ© and POTN. Located in Missouri, he is a freelance photographer known for his unique style of shooting cars, and his excellence in post-processing in Photoshop. His photos of his Lotus are legendary, and his rig shots were the inspiration for many hobbyists.

He started a company awhile back to allow others to be able to shoot rig shots, and it is called Rig-Pro. Quite simply, it is the most advanced rig shot system available. Unfortunately, my own system is not Rig-Pro, and I don’t shoot enough rig shots to invest in his system – yet. I still think that his system is the best quality available.

I’ll make this quite simple – Andrew’s work is probably the most important influence on my own shooting and post-processing. His work effort almost always has the “wow” effect, and none of it is ever disappointing. His attention to detail, and ability to “see” how he wants the photo to turn out is second to none, and it is obvious that he puts in as much work as it takes to get the shot perfect.

If you have not taken the time to review his portfolio, I strongly suggest that you do. Don’t just look at the photos – look at how he uses the natural light, multiple exposures, and blending the “make” the photo. He never just clicks the shutter buttons and says, “That’s good enough” – instead, he massages the photo into what he wants it to be.

This photo sums up his style and vision (and the quality of his Rig-Pro equipment):

If you shoot cars, I cannot stress enough to you enough to review his 500px portfolio and learn how he shoots.



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