No Love 4 ATL Car Show – Norcross, GA

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No Love 4 ATL held their car show in the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, GA, on June 1, 2013. I made the mistake of trying to “go light” and not carrying my speedlights. I figured that since I was just shooting cars, I could let the ISO run up and clean it up in post-processing. That was a big rookie mistake, as Mike from IA brought along a couple of models to have us shoot with, and of course, I had no lighting and only wide angle lenses. I made the most of it, but knew that I wouldn’t get what I wanted. That’s the last time that will happen though – I learn from my mistakes.

Below are some select extracts from the show. You can find the rest of the photos from the show here:

The higher resolution photos are on the Flickr page for this set.

 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-1_zps52e3a0e3.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-2_zps9f8ee83f.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-3_zpsc106e85f.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-15_zpscb961d6f.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-17_zps1bca3812.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-18_zps5485ce1a.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-33_zps31c67872.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-47_zpsde7d85ea.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-73_zps585158e8.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-87_zpsc283c1ce.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-96_zps81236666.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-105_zps64ad8233.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-118_zps821f763a.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-135_zps6884fdd8.jpg
 photo 06012013_NoLove4ATL-166_zps88ded3ea.jpg