Add The Sun in Photoshop

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Update :

I still use the techinque below some, but not as much since getting Knoll Light Factory. It is much easier to use, and gives a lit more flexibility. I suggest it instead of the manual process below.

Knoll Light Factory is available through it’s maker, Red Giant Software.

Original Article :

One of the photos that has been well-received has been the hot rod roadster from the March 2013 Caffeine and Octane.

Here is the before file.

Caffeine and Octane Meet in Alpharetta

Here is the after file.

Caffeine and Octane Meet in Alpharetta

How do you get from the Before shot to the After shot? It’s simple – use Adobe Photoshop CS5┬áto add in the Sun. It takes less than 10 minutes.

The best and most simple tutorial that I have seen on this is located here:

Follow the instructions from that tutorial and you will be able to warm up your image in no time.